Children’s Page

“Our Children are our future”.  Much of the work that we are doing, may only really show its benefit to our children and what the future hold for the Vartry and the area.  For some of us, we hope that our children will continue to live here and in their turn protect the river as we have done.  With that in mind, we would like to engage them in their own interpretation and outlook on the River.  Parents can reach us at admin(at)…


Close your eyes and imagine a long chain of Mums,Dads and Kids stretching up and down the banks of the River, holding hands.   That chain would be unbreakable, and no one would be able to get through unless they looked after the river, the animals and the fish.

Can you draw us a picture of that chain?

How long to you think the river is from the Reservior to the mouth of the River?

What famous person a long time ago landed his boat at the mouth of the River?

What animals are found besides the River Vartry?

What fish are in the River?

The River Vartry had another name before it was called the Vartry.  Do you know what it was called?

Can you name the Bridges across the Vartry?